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Northern Lights is proudly owned and operated by off-duty firemen. Our focus is safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. Ordinarily we install lights along the house roofline and gutters. We will only use C9 bulbs due to inventory but we are capable of doing a wide variety of color combinations with your choice of LED or incandescent bulbs. Northern Lights provides commercial grade wire designed and custom cut specifically for your house. For that reason, we will not to use Christmas lights provided by the customer (due to liability). In addition to taking care of the supplies and installation, we come back to take down your lights after the first week in January. Our team is fully insured, and know that you will be happy with our work. So save time, and stay safe by letting us handle your Christmas Light Installation.


We pride ourselves on 20 years of Christmas light installation without a single accident. Ensure this does not happen to you!


Our moto is “Details make the difference.” We use commercial grade materials that are completely custom cut and designed to fit your house. 


Our prices have been and will continue to be competitive but fair. We charge each house based by the linear foot of materials used. 


Our Team


Jeff Started off working for Custom Christmas Lights in 2002. He has been the primary installer since then and is the founder of Northern Lights.

Halligan & Pepper

Halligan and Pepper occasionally accompany us on our jobs. They do not have much experience but have excellent rapport with all customers. 


Jim is the founder of Custom Christmas Lights. He is excellent at giving accurate quotes and laid the foundation for Northern Lights.